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Special thanks

Even it is not usual for websites, I would like to use this space to thank all the people which stand behind creation of my page. First it is my teachers from Remas Piestany Mgr. Miroslav and Lubomir Masar, RNDr. Jan Smida, MUDr. Jozef Smondrk Csc., Ing. Tatiana Lenhartova, Mgr. Zuna Vesan Kozankova which helped me to shape my massage skills to the highest level. Next big thank is for my friend and college Kristina Harvey which help me to put together all the content of this page.  If you have enjoyed pictures on this site it is thank to my lovely clients Martina Garayova, Michaela Orsulova and Janka Hupkova which stand as a model and Mayo from M77 Photography who captured all the beauty. None of this could be done without help and patience of my beloved wife, so thank you all again.