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— Elaine B.

Very professional and friendly, loved every minute of my session, my body and skin still feels amazing even after a week. Thanks Michal. X

All you need is to start owning your body. Owning the responsibility for your own health. All you need is working hard on building up your own temple-your body, the only thing you really own your entire life. 

This commercially based society creates an illusion, that it's OK to feel bad, tired, ill, stressed at any age, as there is a whole army of professionals waiting to help you with that and you don't have to worry about it, what you eat, what you don't/do. And that is very sad. Money and profit took over the nature.

All of you have the potential to keep yourself in great condition by focusing on prevention.

How you feel in your body is only a mirror. It shows you how you don't/take care of yourself.

People are getting this illusion ever since childhood, that someone else can take the responsibility for their feelings, which makes them lazy. Ready made, heavily processed food, so you don't have to cook, water in the bottle, so you can drink anywhere and anytime, cars, so you don't have to walk, therapists, so you don't have to exercise, psychologist, so you don't have to learn how to manage your own mind. And that is sad. You grow up with this illusion without even question it. No one teaches you at schools how to cook healthy, how to eat healthy, how to exercise your body and your mind, how to be an independent and self-confident person.


That's why I stopped being a part of this army of helpers. That's why I stopped being the one, which helps you out any time you need me.

Instead I become a teacher. I teach my clients how they can take care about them self’s. My purpose in life is to help people to find the root of their problem instead of just treating the results. My purpose is to guide them step by step and showing them how to enjoy their journey instead of showing them where to go. My purpose is being the light, which lights up their path, instead of walking it with them or for them. I can open the right door for you, but it's up to you to take the steps.

Start owning your body, your life, and your happiness. I'll be more than happy to teach you how to do it, how to become a self confident, healthy, independent, shining, free and happy person. All you need to do is to accept that fact that you already are one and always was, you just need to find where you've lost it, where is the smiling, flexible, baby full of energy and enthusiasm. When and how you become stressed, ill, stiff and unhappy adult. I can help you with the answers to this question and how to change it. I'm holistic therapist, and this is what I'm here for. To find that amazing person your already are, that person which has been forgotten in this fast moving society, in this busy lifestyle we all live today.