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 Ziva Massage Newtownards

Ziva Massage Newtownards...a place for holistic wellbeing

Ziva Massage Therapy Newtownards
Ziva Massage Newtownards, Slovak massage, Lymphatic drainage (MLD), Facial massage, Sport massage, R

Ziva Massage Therapy offers variety of massage treatments such as Slovak massage, Healing Touch Meditation Massage,Lymphatic Drainage, Sport massage, Cupping Therapy, Relaxation massage, Lymphatic facial massage, holistic advisory and meditations.

All these techniques are different from local salons as this is European style of treatments. Ziva Massage was established in 2001 in Slovakia by  Michal Kocmanik, a proud student of Europe's leading massage school Remas Piestany.

As an addition to different techniques we accept everybody's personality. That's why there is no dress code for our treatments. Relaxed mind and body is the key to successful treatment and pampering experience from the session.


Pure organic natural massage oils are used for all treatments. All oils originate from beautiful untouched nature of Slovakia and Switzerland. Thanks to environmentally clean area of mountain forests these medicinal plants are source of vitamins and other natural substances which are increasing organism immunity. All oils are without artificial colours and aromas, just a pure nature. 

Ziva Massage Therapy Newtownards


Ziva Massage Therapy Newtownards

The word Ziva comes from old Slavic culture. The word Ziva is used for describing universal life energy or force. It is known in other cultures as Prana, Chi, Ki, Qi, it depends on in which part of the world you are at. 

There is nothing better which would describe the healing power of massage as Ziva.

It is an energy, which is present in whole universe, in every single cell, in every single atom of our body, massage as well as yoga or many other techniques helps its fluent flow. Ziva in itself is invisible. However, in certain situations, the results of its “work” are strongly visible on the body. 

It is thanks to Ziva that a wound heals “by itself”. Ziva is a vibration with no beginning and no end. It keeps changing, like everything in the universe. All that exists has been created by this power. When a person is active and looks healthy, it shows thathey have plenty of Ziva. When energy flows fluently in the body, everything works well. However, when energy flows slowly, we feel weak and tired and we can fall ill, eventually. During massage like shiatsu, etc. we stimulate the body, so we restart energy flow and we can use it. The energy flow can become smooth.

History of Massage

Massage is an intuitive healing art that has been around for millennia. Massage therapy is based on our instinct to rub areas that hurt. The oldest written record of massage is approximately 4000 years old. It was found in a Chinese medical text, dated at about 1800 BC. These text informs in detail the application of massage techniques for therapeutic purposes. Other cultures had their own take on the massage therapy, Greeks and Romans have been using it for centuries as well. Although massage is as old as humankind, massage began to emerge as an independent and widely used therapeutic modality in the 1950s and 1960s, fully coming into its own in the 1980s and 1990s. During those decades, massage was more widely accepted, recognized, used, developed, marketed and organized than at any other period in its long history. And, it continues to develop into the new millennium. Specific massage types, such as Reflexology, have been depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs as forms of hand and foot therapy Massage includes many methods such as deep tissue massage, myofascial release and trigger point therapy as well as reiki, osteopathic techniques, cranial-sacral techniques and many more types can be used to work with various medical conditions. Light massage is also used in pain management and palliative care. Most recently, there has been an explosion of research, development and interest in massage therapy.

About me

Ziva Massage Therapy Newtwnards

I'm Michal, massage and  holistic therapist. I started my career as normal ordinary massage therapist, mostly focused on muscular-skeletal system. During the years I was doing further and further studies and courses to improve my ability to treat people's problems. Though, it was never enough, the more difficult the problems, the more studies and courses I've been through and still there were people which needs better solution for their more complicated issues. So I slowly started focusing my attention on the source of most physical problems that my clients have, entering the world of human psyche and energy. I've found out that it is actually small percentage of physical issues that can be effectively treated by physical therapies only as human body is far more complexed and goes far beyond just the physical structure. I have found many answers in psychology, psychosomatic, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Yogic science and many other sources that understand the body holistically. This has changed the course of my career to holistic advisory, holistic treatments and helping people discover the root of their health problems as well as guiding them on their own path to happier and healthier life. I stopped being just the ''service guy'', offering quick temporary solutions to their problems, only fixing their body aches. My passion is now in shining light onto their ''user manual'', giving them sneak peak in how their body works, helping them to understand the complexity of all the factors that play essential role in their health. So over the years my work become more widely focused on the mind-body relationship. I know this will be life long journey for me as I haven't stop learning ever since, but I've already been able to help many more clients than before when my focus was primarily on the physical side of a human body. I'm slowly integrating breath-work, meditation, psychology, psychosomatics and many more into my services as they have proved to be very effective in dealing with wide range off issues we all experience in todays hectic world. The Healing touch meditation massage is one my projects that I am most proud of as it is an amalgamation of the best tools from both worlds, truly interconnecting the mind and the body with endless applications and variations. Now, I'm dedicating my life and energy in to perfecting this amazing tool for human health, discovering further potential of the healing power of human touch and human mind.

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