Lymphatic facial massage is a beauty addition to all of my holistic services. This gentle and very relaxing facial massage will work wonders on ageing, scars, wrinkles, puffiness, dark baggies under your eyes, reduce problematic acne and much more. It is a combination of pure relaxation with a holistic approach to healthy beautiful skin. 

During the session very gentle strokes are applied to a decollete, neck, face and head, which all together works great also as a headache or migraine relief.

Unlike usual beauty facial massages, during the lymphatic facial massage  no creams are used. The magical results after Lymphatic facial massage are through the draining of the Lymph from subcutaneous. Relieving a skin tissue from all unwanted waste materials will naturally rejuvenate and refresh the face. With the same principal of draining toxins from your neck and head area this amazing massage will definitely frees you from possible headache, which makes this treatment very popular all over the Europe.

This massage is naturally relaxing on its own or could be used in combination with fill body lymphatic drainage for exceptional total body pampering.